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Welcome to the Kenosha Community Sailing Center (KCSC)

The Kenosha Community Sailing Center (KCSC) is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. More specifically it is a collaborative effort between the Kenosha Yacht Club, local organizations and schools. Its goal is to educate Kenosha youth in the sport of sailing while integrating academic, leadership and life skills.

The KCSC also promotes awareness of and access to the Kenosha Harbor and Lake Michigan’s resources and environment for people of all ages through the sport of sailing. The KCSC is a nonprofit group of sailors who want to share our love of Lake Michigan with all of Kenosha.

The KCSC offers inexpensive sailing classes for beginners and more experienced sailors, from young sailors ages 8 to 18 to adults.Don’t have your own boat? Don’t want to deal with the hassle of owning and caring for a sailboat? KCSC members can also check out boats from our fleet.

Our Sponsors and Partners

Announcing the Hartley Family Youth Sailing Scholarship

The Hartley Family Youth Sailing Scholarship was created in honor of Tom B. Hartley, on behalf of his family, so that all youth in Kenosha have the opportunity to learn and experience the fun of sailing. The scholarship is a partnership with the Kenosha Community Sailing Center, the Kenosha Yacht Club and the Hartley Family.

Each year, the Hartley Family Youth Sailing Scholarships will be awarded to one or more Kenosha County youth (ages 8-17) that demonstrates an interest in sailing.

The scholarship covers:

· One week of lessons at the Kenosha Sailing Center
· Up to $50 to be used for incidentals (sailing equipment or transportation expenses)

Consideration shall be given to financial need as well as recommendations from Kenosha Sailing Center board members/instructors.

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