“Magic” Sailing

The 1968 Hughes sailboat “Magic” was donated in the winter of 2009 by Earl Lourcey for use by the KCSC. This boat is used for sailing classes, is used by KYC members for weekly club sailing and actively races around Lake Michigan.

Get involved and start sailing this wonderful sailboat!

The company that produces Hughes sail boats, Hughes Boat Works, was founded in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada in 1963 by brothers Howard and Peter Hughes. Originally, the company produced 8′-16′ dinghies.

In 1965, Hughes began producing the H24, H27, and H38, their first racing boats.

Many of the Hughes boats were designed or co-designed by Sparkman and Stephens. Sparkman and Stephens has over 2,600 designs in pleasure, commercial and military crafts. Sailing yachts remain the most well known branch of their empire. Many of these have been featured winners in the America’s Cup, Fastnet and Sydney to Hobart races.

Howard Hughes prided himself on the quality and craftsmanship of all the models of Hughes sail boats building with the principles of the “no compromise ‘Proper Yacht Method'”. The Hughes sail boats were built to last throughout the ages with top of the line materials of the highest quality.

All of the Hughes boats were built to be cutting edge in style and sophistication and well as speed and luxury. The phrase “interiors are our ‘thing'”, coined by Howard Hughes, was used to describe the comfort and workability of the Hughes interior. Howard Hughes felt that safety on board one of his vessels was not something to put a price tag on, and he did not believe in passing on the price of those “little extras” to the customer.

After selling the company in 1969, Howard Hughes bought back the then named Northstar Yachts, Ltd. in 1977 and renamed it Hughes Boat Works, Inc. Once again, in 1980, Hughes sold the company, this time to Aura Yachts. He would decide for the final time in 1986 to reclaim ownership of his beloved enterprise.

In 1991, the Hughes factory in Orangeville, Ontario was destroyed by a devastating fire. Since then, Hughes Boat Works has been out of production.