About Us

About Us

Click this link to view our annual report – KCSC 2016 Annual Report

KCSC Board Members

  • President:           Jim Buck
  • Vice President:  John Gransee
  • Treasurer:           Paul Peterson
  • Secretary:          Laurie McDonald
  • Board Member: Daniel Noah
  • Board Member: Ericka Bernhardt
  • Board Member: Mark Neil
  • Board Member: Erica Jeffers
  • Board Member: Meryl Strichartz

Additional Positions

Fundraising Volunteer Coordinator: TBD, Needed
KCSC/KYC Liaison: TBD, Needed

These Board Members and Committee Chairs will be in place until November 2017.  At that time, elections will be held for replacements.  There will also be an ongoing effort to identify individuals who want to be active in the KCSC and assist them in finding a committee that matches to their interest and skill sets.  We are a 100% volunteer run organization so our success is tied to getting people involved in the pursuit of our mission.

Do you have questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us.

Organization Structure

Effective March 9th, 2013
The organizational structure of the KCSC will consist of a board with up to 7 members including 5 sub-committees.  The heads of the 5 sub-committees would ideally be board members but this is not a requirement.  The goal of this structure is to have an active board that is involved in the organization.  The 5 subcommittees and descriptions are as follows:

Finance/Treasury: Coordinate processing of payments, preparation of financial statements including budgets, income statements, balance sheets and subsequent audits on a monthly and annual basis.
Fundraising/Events: Develop, coordinate and execute fundraising initiatives throughout the year.  This includes grants, corporate sponsorships, catalogs and special events such as regattas. This committee will also have a volunteer coordinator designated.
Education/Safety: Develop and coordinate education curriculum, safety program, class schedules, instructor training and hiring. This committee also runs the summer program, boat usage system and coordinates with the sailing team.
Boat & Dock: Coordinate all work and needs associated with the maintenance, upkeep of existing fleet and maintain the dock throughout the year.
Communication: Coordinate all KCSC communication of meetings, events and minutes of monthly meetings.  This committee is also responsible for maintaining the website, calendar and all external advertising initiatives.

KCSC/KYC Liaison: The board will also designate one of the members to update the Kenosha Yacht Club (KYC) on the state of the KCSC.  This individual will be an advocate for the KCSC to the KYC regarding current initiatives and organizational needs.

The following officers are board members:
President: The President will be responsible to organizing and running the monthly general meeting and represent the organization externally from a public relations standpoint.
Vice President: This officer will work in tandem in a leadership position with the President.  This individual will also fill in and take responsibility for running the monthly meetings if the President is not able to attend for any reason.
Treasurer: Will be responsible for processing payments and deposits.  This individual will also report the financial position of the KCSC at monthly meetings.  Ideally, this individual will also head the Finance/Treasury Committee.
Secretary: This named office will have ad hoc responsibilities as the board sees fit.  The title and customary responsibilities of “Secretary” may not necessarily fit the needs of our organization but in an effort to be consistent with other organizational structures, there is a named officer.

The goal of this structure is to have a monthly meeting of the Board and all those interested and active in the KCSC are welcome to attend as well.  Each committee will present their Old and New business to all those in attendance.  If there is anything that has to come to a vote, a motion will be raised and a simple majority of the Board will pass or fail the motion.  The primary purpose of the Board will be to set the direction of the organization and to make sure all the committees are working toward the common goal in an efficient manner.

The head of each Committee, will organize their own meeting and agenda outside of the general monthly board meeting.  The schedule of these meetings will be posted on the web and also in the clubhouse for all to see.  Anyone is welcome to be active in as many committees they desire.  Even if not active in a particular committee, anyone is welcome to attend any committee meeting if there is an issue that is important for them to get their opinion across.  The purpose of this structure is to be inclusive of everyone and their opinions.


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