• I’m excited about the possibilities of the KCSC… how can I help? The KCSC is a volunteer organization and we are constantly needing volunteers! No matter what your area of expertise there is a place for you…  Please contact us.
  • How much do classes cost? Classes start at $125. Please check out our Adult Sailing Classes page or Youth Sailing Classes page for more information.
  • I can’t swim. Can I still learn to sail? Yes. Sailors always wear lifejackets. However, you might be more comfortable if you knew how to swim.
  • How much does membership cost? Starting this year membership in the Kenosha Yacht Club also allows you to be a member of the Kenosha Community Sailing Center.
    1. Full Annual Membership: $200
    2. Participating Annual Membership: $120 (cannot have a boat on Lake Michigan).
    3. Corporate Annual Membership: $400 Additionally
    4. New members must make a one time contribution to the Building Fund of $100.00.
    5. All memberships contribute 8 hours of participation per year. Unused hours are billed at the rate of $12.00 per hour. What’s a participation hour? Attend a meeting, a party, come watch a regatta. Just participate in Club activities and keep track.
    6. Use of the KCSC sailboats will require additional service hours.
  • Who teaches the classes? Classes are taught by sailors who have completed U.S. Sailing’s instructor certification.
  • Where are classes held? Classes are held at the Kenosha Yacht Club and on the harbor.
  • What should I wear to class? You should wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather (we sail in the rain), along with a hat with a brim, sunglasses and soft-soled (white bottom) shoes.
  • How old do kids need to be to take a class? A responsible 8-year-old can take a class. Sailing is a wonderful sport, but it involves boats moving quickly on deep water. Parents need to make honest decisions about whether their child is mature enough to handle the responsibility and mature enough to follow instructions.
  • I have a sailboat and some sailing gear (lifejackets, etc.) to donate. Do you take donations? Yes! Please contact us.